Divine Pairings: Exploring the Culinary Symphony around the world with Indigo Merlot & Sangiovese

Dive into an unparalleled gastronomic odyssey with Insolito Indigo Rosè Wine, crafted meticulously at Inserrata Winery. This enchanting orange wine promises an unparalleled tasting voyage. Discover intricate pairings that elevate Indigo's unique essence, touching the hearts of Mediterranean, Taiwanese, Korean, Thai, Japanese, and Brazilian culinary traditions. Awaken your palate and unravel the mysteries of gourmet synergy on this phenomenal sensory journey. Step into the realm of Divine Pairings with Indigo Rosé Wine.


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Mediterranean Pairing: Tabbouleh Salad تبولة (Tabbūlah) - The freshness of parsley, mint, and tomatoes in Tabbouleh aligns beautifully with the wine’s herbaceous and fruity notes. The bulgur, acting as a sponge, soaks in the wine’s flavors, offering a captivating combination.

Brazilian Pairing: Chicken Pie Empadão - The savory chicken filling, enveloped by a buttery crust, gets an elevated taste when paired with the wine's fruity nuances and lively acidity.

Taiwanese Pairing: Braised Pork Belly Buns 割包 (Gua Bao) - The wine’s citrus and red fruit nuances provide a contrast to the rich, savory flavors of the braised pork, while its bright acidity balances out the fatty profile.

Japanese Pairing: Fried Tofu 揚げ出し豆腐 (Agedashi Tofu) - The crisp outer layer and tender inside of the tofu, doused in a savory dashi-based sauce, find their match in the wine’s medium body and citrus overtones. The dish's green onions playfully mingle with the wine's tomato leaf notes.

Thai Pairing: Spicy Chicken Salad ลาบไก่ (Larb Gai) - The zesty lime, chili, and herbal flavors in Larb Gai are amplified with the wine’s herbaceous and citrus profile. Additionally, the wine's hint of sweetness provides relief against the dish's heat.

Korean Pairing: Marinated Grilled Beef 불고기 (Bulgogi) - The Bulgogi's sweet-savory marinated beef harmonizes with the wine's cherry and raspberry flavors, while the wine’s green bell pepper and tomato leaf nuances mirror the veggies accompanying Bulgogi.

Chinese Pairing: Shrimp and Snow Peas Stir-Fry 虾仁和荷兰豆炒 - The wine’s crisp acidity and the subtle sweetness of the shrimp combine for a balanced mouthfeel. The fresh snow peas and the wine’s herbaceous notes come together, while the dish's light profile matches the wine's medium body.

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