Divine Pairings: Exploring the Culinary Symphony around the world with Inebriante Sangiovese

Welcome to our enchanting journey of "Divine Pairings," a blog series where we'll explore global cuisines paired with our Inebriante Sangiovese rosé from the Inserrata winery. Traverse the culinary landscapes of Mediterranean, Brazilian, Taiwanese, Japanese, Thai, and Chinese cuisines, discovering how our rosé's unique notes harmonize with these diverse dishes. Join us on this flavor-filled voyage, deepening your appreciation for the art of food and wine pairing.


inserrata inebriante sangiovese rosé wine organic sanminiato


Mediterranean - Pan-Seared Sea Bass with Lemon Butter Sauce: Pan-Seared Lavraki with Lemon Butter Sauce: Lavraki, also known as European Sea Bass, has a rich and delicate flavor. The tangy lemon butter sauce pairs well with the grapefruit and citrusy notes of Inebriante, while the wine's balanced acidity can cut through the richness of the sauce.

pan fried bass lemon inserrata inebriante rosè wine organic sanminiato


Brazilian - Acarajé: This iconic Brazilian street food has a complex array of flavors, from its crispy exterior and creamy interior to the spicy, savory vatapá and caruru stuffing. It pairs well with the balanced sweetness and acidity of the Inebriante, which also complements the dish's deep-fried goodness with its fruit notes.

Acarajé inserrata inebriante sangiovese rose wine organic sanminiato


Taiwanese - 薑絲煎魚 Taiwanese Pan-Fried Fish with Soy and Ginger: The rosé's fruity notes enhance the fish's sweetness and pair well with the ginger's zest. Its mineral undertones balance the soy's saltiness, while the wine's herbal aromas complement potential sesame oil. The medium-bodied rosé complements the dish's flavors, ensuring a harmonious pairing experience.


inebriante pairing with taiwanese food


Japanese - 桜エビの天ぷら (Sakura Ebi Tempura): The delicate flavors of this cherry shrimp tempura can be highlighted by the balanced dry sweetness, subtle acidity, and the fruity and mineral notes of Inebriante. The wine's long finish would complement the light, crisp finish of the tempura.

Sakura Ebi Tempura sangiovese inebriante rose wine san miniato


Thai - ส้มตำ (Som Tum): This refreshing, spicy, and tangy green papaya salad pairs wonderfully with the balanced sweetness and acidity of the Inebriante. The wine's fruit and herbal notes would also complement the fresh, vibrant flavors of the salad.

Som Tum inserrata sanminiato inebriante sangiovese rose wine


Chinese - 小笼包 (Xiaolongbao): The savory richness of the soup and the delicate flavors of the pork filling in these soup dumplings can be offset by the balanced acidity of the Inebriante, while the wine's fruit and mineral notes would enhance the overall flavor experience.



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