Artful Sips: Wine Tasting & Draw Event at High Street Italia, Seoul

"Palette & Palate: A Creative Wine Tasting Experience with Draw Event at High Street Italia, Seoul"

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Looking back on a memorable evening at High Street Italia in Seoul, we celebrate the harmonious union of art and Inserrata Organic Wines. The Wine Tasting with Draw Event created an atmosphere of creativity and indulgence that will linger in our memories.

🍇 Toast to Elegance: Guided by the expertise of Gabriele Dolfi, the founder of Inserrata Winery, attendees were treated to an exquisite wine tasting. The wines, products of a meticulous organic process, revealed the very essence of the vineyards they hailed from. Each glass was a testament to the commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

inserrata tasting event seoul


🎨 Brushes and Bottles: As glasses clinked and conversations flowed, attendees tapped into their inner artists. Led by Young Lee, the drawing event centered around painting Inserrata wine bottles. With each brushstroke, the bottles came to life on canvas, capturing the spirit and story behind each vintage.

inserrata tasting event in seoul


🌆 Cultural Fusion: High Street Italia's inviting ambiance served as the backdrop for this blend of cultures. The Italian heritage of Inserrata seamlessly merged with Seoul's dynamic energy, fostering connections that transcended borders.

high street italia inserrata organic wines


The presence and insights of Gabriele Dolfi added a layer of depth to the event, infusing each moment with his passion for both wines and art. The night was more than a gathering; it was an immersive experience that engaged the senses and nurtured creativity.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to all who joined us for this exceptional evening of art, organic wines, and shared stories. Your participation made this event truly extraordinary.

With appreciation, Inserrata Team.

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