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Wine Tasting

Wine Tasting

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Numero di Vini

For the tasting it is possible to choose from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of 5.

It is possible to choose the number and types of wines to be tasted by selecting the options below. The selection will display the wines included in the chosen tasting.

Payment will be made upon arrival at the cellar.

2 wines to taste: Insieme Red Merlot, Inusuale White Sangiovese.

3 wines to taste: Insieme Red Merlot, Inusuale White Sangiovese, Inebriante Rosè Sangiovese.

4 wines to taste: Insieme Red Merlot, Inusuale White Sangiovese, Inebriante Rosè Sangiovese,  Indigo Rosè Merlot Sangiovese.

5 wines to taste: Insieme Red Merlot, Inusuale White Sangiovese, Inebriante Rosè Sangiovese,  Indigo Rosè Merlot Sangiovese, Intrigo White Wine Chardonnay.

It will be possible to visit the cellar, the vineyard and the olive grove upon request.

Together with the wines, small appetizers from the surrounding area will be served, such as: Sausages, cheeses, honey, focaccias seasoned with our Organic EVO Oil.

For vegan options or intolerances, contact after booking.

For more information, contact the e-mail or number +39 3206750994 


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