Indigo Rosé Macerato from Inserrata: A Sensory Journey into Colors and Flavours

Indigo, the macerated rosé from Inserrata is a unique and fascinating wine, produced with Merlot and Sangiovese grapes, it stands out for its intense and brilliant color, which captures the gaze and attention of every enthusiast.

organic macerated rosé indigo inserted in san miniato
The Art of Long Maceration: A Deep and Brilliant Rosé

One of the distinctive characteristics of Indigo Rosato Macerato is its long maceration on the skins, which lasts approximately 30 hours. This process gives the wine its deep yet brilliant color, a quality that makes it unique among rosé wines. But there is more behind this fascinating color; the long maceration also gives the wine a robust structure which makes it suitable for aging and versatile for culinary pairings.

The Tasting Notes of Indigo: An Explosion of Fragrances and Flavors

Tasting Indigo Rosato Macerato is an extraordinary sensory experience. On the nose, it opens with an intense aroma of strawberry, raspberry, green pepper, tomato leaf, grapefruit, blood orange and orange peel. It's like a bouquet of fruit and citrus fruits that mix in a fragrant harmony.

Once the wine dances on the palate, further delights reveal themselves. You will find aromatic notes of cherry, eucalyptus, cranberry, black plum and lavender. This complexity of flavors makes each sip a discovery, with layers of flavors gradually revealing themselves.


Indigo: A Rare Wine Treasure

Indigo Rosato Macerato is a rare gem in the Inserrata product line. It is not bottled every year, which makes it even more valuable to enthusiasts.

In conclusion, if you are looking for an extraordinary wine experience, Indigo Rosato Macerato by Inserrata is an unmissable choice. This wine combines tradition and innovation, offering a sensorial journey through the unique colors and flavors of the wine world. Don't miss this rarity and raise your glass to Indigo, the rosé that will enchant your senses.

indigo rosé macerated sangiovese organic merlot san miniato
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