Inserrata Wines

At inserrata our wines are crafted using only the finest organic grapes, carefully selected from our vineyards. We then carefully follow all the fermentation and aging processes to bring out the full depth and complexity of each varietal, resulting in wines that are bursting with flavor and character. We also believe that wine should not only taste great, but also make a statement. Our bottles designed by the artist Alexandria Coe they are true masterpieces of art.

Intrigo Chardonnay White Wine

I'm a true embodiment of elegance and sophistication. My golden hues and rich, buttery flavor invite you to indulge in a truly luxurious experience.

I'm also a wine of great versatility. I can be enjoyed on any occasion, whether it be a formal dinner party or a casual night in with friends.

So if you are looking for a wine that is both refined and approachable, look no further than a glass of Intrigo Chardonnay. Let my captivating flavors and aromas transport you to a world of pure indulgence.

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Inebriante Sangiovese Rosé Wine

I'm the epitome of summertime refreshment. My delicate pink hue and crisp, fruity flavors evoke visions of sunny days and warm evenings spent outdoors.

With each sip, my juicy notes of strawberries and raspberries dance across your palate, invigorating your senses and leaving you feeling rejuvenated.

Allow me to transport you to a world of sunshine and relaxation, and let my vibrant flavors and aromas be your guide.

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Inusuale Sangiovese White Wine

I'm a true original wine. My unique production method, in which red grape skins are removed from the juice before fermentation, gives me a beautiful pale golden color and a flavor profile that is both delicate and complex.

With each sip, my vibrant notes of citrus and stone fruit tantalize your senses. And my crisp, refreshing finish makes me the perfect wine to enjoy on a warm summer day.

If you are looking for a wine that is both fascinating and delicious, look no further than a glass of Inusuale Sangiovese Blanc de Noirs.

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Insieme Merlot Red Wines

I'm the essence of approachable elegance. My vibrant ruby color and juicy, fruity flavors make me the perfect wine for any occasion, whether you are enjoying a casual dinner with friends or a special date night.

With each sip, my flavors of ripe black cherries and plums dance across your palate, while my smooth, velvety texture envelops your senses in a blanket of pure indulgence.

If you are seeking for a wine both accessible and sophisticated, look no further than a glass of Insieme.

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Indigo Merlot Sangiovese Rosè Wine

I'm the one with character, with each sip, my bold flavors of ripe red berries and juicy stone fruit tantalize your senses. My balanced acidity and soft tannins make me the perfect partner for a wide variety of dishes.

I'm a wine of great character. My blend of Merlot and Sangiovese, results in a wine that is both bold and approachable, sophisticated and inviting.

Allow me to be your companion on any culinary adventure, and let my complex flavors and bold character be your guide.

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Insolito Trebbiano Orange Wine

I am the truly unexpected, my bright orange hue is sure to catch your eye, and my tantalizing aromas of honey and dried orange peel fruit will have you eagerly anticipating the first taste.

As you take that first sip, you'll be hit with a wave of emotion joy, relaxation, and contentment. I'm like a ray of sunshine in a glass, bringing a little bit of happiness to your day with every swallow.

But it's not just my flavors and aromas that make me special, it's my personality. I'm lively and energetic, let me bring a little bit of sunshine into your life. I'm a true companion, always ready to lift your spirits and bring a little bit of joy into your day.

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Inedito Oak Chardonnay White Wine

I'm a the masterpiece not an an ordinary white wine a perfect mix of flavor and complexity. Tropical fruit notes will dance across your tongue, followed by a hint of vanilla bean that adds depth and richness.

But it's the oak aging that truly sets me apart, lending a subtle woodiness that balances out the fruitiness and adds a smooth, creamy finish.

So go ahead and let yourself be swept away by the luxurious, aromatic experience of our oak-aged Inedito Chardonnay. It's a white wine that truly speaks to the emotions and is sure to elevate any occasion. Cheers!



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