Inserrata ft. at Shangai Fashion Week

During the highly anticipated Shanghai Fashion Week, Inserrata Organic Wines presented its wines exclusively in collaboration with the prestigious brand SENSEAWEEK, thanks to its new partnership with its first and exclusive importer in China, thus kicking off the pre-opening of this high-quality and dynamic Chinese brand's show. In this way, Inserrata reaffirms itself as the only wine brand in the world capable of creating synergies and collaborations with international fashion brands and beyond.


SENSEAWEEK emerges as a beacon of change within the fashion landscape, driven by a steadfast commitment to sustainability. Their vision transcends mere aesthetics, aspiring to carve a niche as a leading sustainable Chinese clothing brand. With a mission to embolden individuals to explore life's boundaries and embrace freedom, SENSEAWEEK offers creative avenues for women in the new era who seek individuality and independence.

Central to SENSEAWEEK's ethos is their unique brand concept, which meticulously blends high-quality materials with intricate design elements. Their approach harmonizes classics with contemporary fashion, simplicity with complexity, and femininity with fortitude. By balancing experimental elements with timeless silhouettes, SENSEAWEEK captures the essence of modern femininity, resonating with the daily life attitudes of women in the era.

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